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Homeless Woman Faces Mob At Trump's Hollywood Star (Video)

A homeless woman reportedly held pro-Donald Trump signs next to the Republican nominee's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and fell on the sidewalk after conflict with a crowd of bystanders (video below).

The woman, who has not been named, was reportedly trying to protect the star, after it was vandalized by activist James Otis, who allegedly smashed the star with a pickax, according to the Daily Mail. The homeless woman sat beside the spot where the star had been, holding controversial signs with messages like "F*** Mexico."

Passersby criticized the woman's sign, and a crowd formed around the star. 

A video clip shows a man attempting to physically intimidate the woman, while others in the crowd rip up her signs, one of which read "Obama threw our black a**es under the bus."

The woman reportedly tried to gather her things in her shopping cart, but fell over. People continued to yell at the woman, even after she had fallen and was lying on the sidewalk beside Trump's star.

Some people in the crowd said the woman was pretending to be hurt. Another man called out, "Don't touch her! Let her be!"

A man in the crowd is seen in a video of the incident telling the woman, "You asked me if I would protect you, but you started spewing hate at everybody. I warned you. You spewed hate. You got hate."

Police are looking for the woman to interview her so they can write a police report for misdemeanor battery on her behalf. Michael Cohen, Trump's attorney, is also seeking the woman so the nominee can give her a "gift."

Tony Im, an LAPD officer, said the woman yelled racial slurs, inciting the crowd, and that police who were at the scene "kept the peace," according to CBS News.

"We had a lot of people upset that we didn't do anything," said Im. "If she's a victim, she has a right to come forward."

Koali Fikator, who recorded and shared a video of the incident, said the woman told those who tried to help her after she fell to "let her be," and eventually she got up and wrote a new sign that disparaged Mexicans.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS News / Photo credit: Josh LeCash/YouTube via Daily Mail / Video credit: News Video via YouTube

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