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Woman Arrested After Abandoning Child At Store (Video)

A Southern California mother was arrested after allegedly abandoning her 2-year-old daughter at a grocery store (video below).

Chiengkham "Cindy" Vilaysane, 31, was taken into custody after police issued an appeal to the public to find a woman who abandoned her young daughter at a Riverside grocery store, the Daily Mail reported.

Vilaysane walked into the Food4Less store with her daughter on March 12. She reportedly wandered away from the child.

Another shopper at the store brought the child back to Vilaysane. The mother told the shopper to "just leave her," according to police. She then allegedly paid for groceries and left the store without her daughter.

Authorities found the girl at the store at around 5 p.m. She was unharmed, but alone. They showed the little girl the surveillance video, and she identified the woman who left her as "mommy."

Police released the surveillance video to the public for help in identifying the woman. On March 14, a bank teller recognized Vilaysane and called the authorities.

Vilaysane was arrested and is now facing charges of child endangerment, child neglect and being under the influence of controlled substances. She was once placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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The girl was placed in the care of Child Protective Services on March 13, according to Police Detective Paul Miranda.

"She is safe as we speak, and in good health other than being shaken up by what's going on," Miranda said.

Miranda said Vilaysane was also recently kicked out of her family's home.

“I haven’t seen anything like this before,” Miranda told the Los Angeles Times. “I think that’s what struck a nerve.”

Police have found Vilaysane's family members, who are helping with the ongoing investigation.

Vilaysane's Facebook page lists her as a 32-year-old junior production officer at the Department of Defense. Another social media account lists her as an assistant section officer for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, The Press Enterprise reported.

Riverside Police have since taken to Twitter to dispel any reports that Vilaysane was affiliated with the department. They said they have no record of a woman with her name working with them.

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Vilaysane had recently posted photos of her and her daughter, who according to her social media accounts, is named Danica. On March 2, she wrote that she was "ready to leave whenever" with her "husband to be," the Daily Mail reported.

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Police said Vilaysane also has an older daughter, but that child lives with her father.

Sources: Daily Mail, Los Angeles Times, The Press Enterprise / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail, Riverside Police Department via Daily Mail

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