Man Arrested After Craigslist Ad For Sex With Dogs


A Florida man was arrested after posing an ad on Craigslist soliciting dogs for sex acts. He later claimed it was all just a bizarre joke.  

Tallahassee Police accuse George Wilkinson Jr., 21, of soliciting sex with dogs and their owners in two separate ads in April. He was arrested on April 20 and is facing a misdemeanor charge. He told authorities his Craigslist ad was a gag.

Tallahassee Animal Control received complaints from Internet users about the post in the “casual encounters” section by Wilkinson, according to court records.

In the post, Wilkinson wrote that he was looking for “someone who owns a big dog they like to mess around with … let’s go to your place and let’s have fun and get mounted by your dog."  He left his phone number as a point of contact, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

Wilkinson called for specific breeds of dogs such as great Danes, German shepherds and labs, writing “dogs them size are perfect.”

When authorities visited Wilkinson’s apartment on April 19 to question him, he told officers he posted the ad as a gag about bestiality to see if anyone would reply.

He told police a number of people had responded to his post and  considered allowing their dog to have sex with Wilkinson, according to the New York Post.

His bail is set at $1,000. Wilkinson is banned from owning or possessing pets and cannot have contact with animals of any kind.

Sources: Tallahassee Democrat, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Leon County Jail via Tallahassee Democrat

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