Georgia 5-Year-Old Dies Of Asphyxia While Playing On Monkey Bars


A 5-year-old reportedly died while playing on the monkey bars at school.

On Feb. 1, teachers at Covington Elementary School in Covington, Georgia, found Andrea Tyrah Debruhl hanging from the monkey bars, unconscious. Police said that she was playing around 1:00 p.m. when she slipped and asphyxiated herself.

“You think playgrounds are safe for kids,” a parent told WSB-TV, according to WREG News. “You wouldn’t think monkey bars would be a cause.”

Investigators have deemed the child’s death to be accidental, but they are still looking into the circumstances of her death -- specifically, how Andrea ended up in the position that killed her.

According to a statement from the school, 10 teachers and paraprofessionals were present on the playground at the time that Andrea was playing on the monkey bars, WSB-TV reported. Several children were playing nearby, and counselors will be available as long as needed to provide emotional support for anyone affected by the fatal incident.

On Feb. 3, over 100 people gathered together at a vigil to celebrate the 5-year-old’s life at the First United Methodist Church in Covington. Some personally knew the child while others did not.

"She leaves a rich legacy behind, a legacy of love, a legacy that the community came together on her behalf," Gwendolyn Green, who attended the service, told WSB-TV.

"They need prayer,” Marshall Atha, another attendee, said. “They need love. They need friendship, and it's just constant God's love is what they need. I could only imagine in a time of loss like this. It just breaks my heart.”

Although police do not anticipate any criminal charges to be filed in this incident, the district attorney will have the final word.

Sources: WREG News, WSB-TV News / Photo Credit: WSB-TV News

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