Bill O'Reilly Vows Never To Appear On 'The View' Again


Fox News talk show host and conservative commentator, Bill O'Reilly, has vowed never to appear on ABC's "The View" again.

O’Reilly has frequently locked horns with the women on the talk show, appearing on "The View" nine times. One time, co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar even walked off the set after O’Reilly proclaimed “Muslims killed us on 9/11!”

But O’Reilly was the one walking off after Behar said President-elect Donald Trump was not “right in the head.”

“It's not that I don't agree with him. He isn't right in the head. The first time I met President [Barack] Obama, on this show, I said the one thing you say about this man and his wife is that they're 'mentally stable.' Donald Trump has never appeared stable when he's come on the show,” says Behar.

O'Reilly told Fox News anchor Martha McCallum that he is officially done with the show, according to Independent Journal Review.

"I'm never going on 'The View' again, OK? Here's why. Roll tape,” he said. “OK, so there's Behar saying that the president-elect is not right in the head. Enough, alright? That's ABC News, by the way. These aren't some clowns running around the entertainment division. This is ABC News. That's a disgrace. Now, the ratings for that program are down fairly significantly."

The conservative political commentator said Behar’s comments were disrespectful “not only to the president-elect, but to the whole process.”

“That’s it, no more ‘View’ for me,” he called out while holding up his right hand.

According to The Wrap, Behar has called Trump a “dictator,” “Trumpelstiltskin” and “the most dangerous man alive.”

Former child star of "Full House," Candace Cameron Bure, announced she was leaving "The View" on Dec. 8.

Fellow co-host Raven-Symone also proclaimed she was deserting the talk show for a spinoff of her Disney show "That’s So Raven."

Sources: Independent Journal Review, The Wrap / Photo credit: Justin Hoch/Wikimedia Commons

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