Boy Born Without Arms Or Legs Inspires Community (Video)


A boy born without any arms or legs was abandoned by his birth mother in Brazil. When Janelle Adams saw the child's picture at a grocery store and found out he was orphaned, it left a deep mark on her (video below).

The Utah mother recalls saying to herself, “I’d take him in a second,” according to Little Things. Soon afterward, Janelle and her husband Ron were waiting at the airport to pick up their adopted son from Brazil and take him home. As soon as the family saw him, they all fell in love.

It’s been 17 years since Gabe was adopted by the Adams family, who raised him to become independent and overcome his handicaps. Janelle and Ron made sure Gabe did not receive any special treatment or free rides, instilling independence in the boy.

The incredible boy can do everything that his peers can. He can draw, write, go up and down the stairs, swim, put on clothes, comb his hair, sing, jump on a trampoline and even act in a play.

“I can do it. I can do it with a smile on my face,” says Gabe. And why does he smile? “Because a smile will help everything.”

Every morning at 6:30, the Adams family studies bible scriptures and Gabe is expected to turn his own pages and read aloud. Then Gabe does his morning exercises -- going up and down the stairs 20 times within 20 minutes -- and later doing sit-ups.

Janelle says, “I push him hard.”

He then takes a shower, gets dressed and makes his own breakfast.

“It’s always been our goal to allow Gabe freedom,” says Ron, adding, “and choices that we know will only come if he can be independent.”

The only free ride Gabe gets is on his wheelchair, which is controlled by his head. But once in school, Gabe sits alongside his fellow peers and is expected to keep up with the same exact coursework as everyone else.

“I get emotional because it’s unusual that you don’t see this every day,” says Gabe’s teaching aid, Betty Kleber.

Gabe’s positive attitude and bright demeanor inspires everyone around him. “I don’t feel I like I have the right even to be depressed when I have him there because everything he does is so much work than the average person,” says Janelle.

Sources: Little Things, Faithrefreshed/YouTube / Photo credit: Faithrefreshed/YouTube

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