All Four Wheels Stolen From SUV, Still Receives Parking Ticket (Photos)


An SUV that had all of its wheels stolen in Chicago received a parking ticket for impeding a street cleaner.

The 2011 GMC Denali was set on blocks after all four of its wheels were stolen between midnight and 7 a.m. on Sept. 24, DNA Info reports.

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The nanny of the family noticed the wheels were missing around 7 a.m., so she told the SUV's owner, who called to file a police report. The officer allegedly told the owner to put the police report's number on a note in the car to avoid getting a ticket.

Soon after, the vehicle received a parking ticket, right above the note left in the windshield.

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"It's usually something you see in movies," the owner's wife told DNA Info. "It's crazy. I can't believe it happened."

In addition to dealing with the repairs and towing for the vehicle, the family now also needs to take measures to reverse the ticket.

The owner's wife contacted Alderman Michele Smith, who ensured the ticket would be erased from the record.

In defense of the city worker who wrote the ticket, Molly Poppe a spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation said this person "had no way to confirm how long the car had been parked on the street or the police report number." But the spokeswoman did report the city would reverse the ticket.

Several people who live and work in the neighborhood were stunned by the incident.

"I came outside and was shocked to see a car with wheels stolen on pretty nice, quiet street," neighbor Jon Oppenheimer said. "That's not something you see very often here."

Amanda Economos, who works in the neighborhood, was also surprised by the ticket. "I understand it's 'no parking,' but there are unfortunate circumstances," she said. "A little mercy goes a long way."

In recent weeks, all four wheels from at least three vehicles have been stolen in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, according to NBC Chicago.

"Last week, we were walking down the street and we saw the aftermath of the four tires removed and the car up on blocks," Catherine Cirulli told NBC Chicago. "It makes you feel like you can't park your car on the street. You have to have a garage, or it's not safe."

Sources: DNA Info, NBC Chicago / Photo credit: DNA Info


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