All Charges Dropped Against Mom Who Left Kids In Car During Job Interview (Video)


Shanesha Taylor, the Arizona mom who left her children in a hot car while she went on a job interview, has had all charges against her dropped.

Back in March, authorities arrested 35-year-old Taylor after a bystander watched her leave her two small children in the car while she went on a job interview. The witness said that the two children were sweating and crying when they were found. Taylor claimed that she was unable to find a babysitter when she got asked to come in for a job interview, and when faced with a choice, she ultimately decided she needed to do the interview in order to better her life.

After her story made the news, people online raised $114,000 for Taylor and petitioned to get the charges against her dropped.

Now, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said his office has agreed to drop all charges against her if she agrees to certain terms, including taking parenting classes, establishing education and child care trust funds for all three of her children, and admitting that she put the lives of her children in danger.

“I'm grateful for the offer that was extended to me and the opportunity to resolve this situation as well as to show my intentions,” said Taylor.

The $114,000 that was raised to help Taylor has reportedly gone towards finding a new place for the family to live.

Sources: Huffington Post, Madame Noire, AZ Central


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