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9-Year-Old Shot With BB Gun While Selling Lemonade

A 9-year-old Wisconsin boy was selling lemonade in his neighborhood when something shocking happened. 

While riding his bike back to the lemonade stand outside of his home in Kimberly, Wisconsin, Jayden Grant was shot in the face with a BB gun. According to police, 18-year-old Evgeniy Tetzlaff drove by the stand and randomly started firing at the young boy with a pellet gun.

"I heard the screams and then I knew it wasn't a good scream," Jayden's father, Eric Grant, told WLUK. "You know your child's scream and then I came running and saw blood all over."

Tetzlaff was arrested following the incident. He now faces charges of injury by negligent use of a dangerous weapon for the suburban drive-by, according to New York Daily News. 

Despite the scary incident, Jayden and his friends were determined not to let this hold them back. They reopened their lemonade stand the next day.

While Grant says the incident put he and his wife, Leah, on edge, the parents didn't want to shelter their son after the incident, so they let him to get back outside to earn some money.

Jayden had an impressive positive outlook after the shooting.

"Just don't be scared after something happens," the 9-year-old told WLUK. "Don't live scared."

Officers from the Fox Valley Metro Police Department showed up to get some lemonade from Jayden and his friends when they reopened the next day.

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"We want him to feel comfortable and safe in this community," said Officer Michael Lambie. "So he doesn't have a fear of doing a lemonade stand at any point."

Tetzlaff is currently being held in jail in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Sources: WLUKNew York Daily News / Photo credit: WLUK via New York Daily News, Fox Valley Metro PD/Twitter

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