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Alisa Massaro, Her Teen Boyfriend and Another Guy Accused of Having Sex on Top of Corpses

18-year-old Alisa Massaro allegedly had a necrophilia fetish and fantasized about having sex with a dead guy. Somehow she found herself a boyfriend that almost helped her fantasy come true.

Massaro, 24-year-old Joshua Miner (boyfriend), 19-year-old Adam Landerman and 18-year-old Bethany McKee were arrested for the murders of Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins on Jan. 10 of this year. While this crime is nearly two months old, the newest and scintillating details from the case were released today.

“This is one of the most brutal, heinous and upsetting things I’ve ever seen in my 27 years of law enforcement,” Police Chief Mike Trafton said after the bodies were discovered in January.

Here’s why: According to a police report obtained by The Daily Mail, Massaro “had three-way sex on corpses of men they lured to their house, strangled to death and hog-tied.”

The police report notes that Miner “piled the bodies of Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins (both 22) together, and placed a beige sheet across them so he and his longtime girlfriend could lie together on top of them at Massaro’s home in Joliet Illinois.

There is speculation that 19-year-old Adam Landerman, who happens to be the son of a police sergeant, may have also taken part in the escapade.

Miner was the alleged “ringleader” who came up with the idea to help fulfill his girlfriend’s fantasy of having sex with a dead man. Landerman claims he only did what Miner told him, however, the police report asserts that “Landerman jumped on their back and ‘surfed’ on their dead bodies” after the murders were committed.

Glover and Rankins were strangled to death before having their hands and feet tied together with dirty clothes and an electrical cord.

Reports indicate that McKee knew Rankins and invited him and Glover over after promising sexual favors. Miner later admitted that they also had intentions of robbing the men because they assumed Rankins was a drug dealer and that both men carried a significant amount of money on them.  It is believed that drugs may have been involved in the crime.

Family members of the victims said police were called after Rankins and Glover, who had been friends for five years, were out of contact for 24 hours.

Reports say that Massaro, Landerman and Miner were surprised when the police placed them under arrest on Thursday, January 10. McKee was arrested shortly after in Kankakee.

“It’s demonic,” Rankins mother, Jamille Kent, said of the slayings.  “This is evil.”

Glover was a graduate of Joliet Central High School who made the honor roll and participated in football wrestling and track while in attendance there.

Rankins graduated from Joliet West High School and was described by his family as “outgoing” and “loving.”

Public defenders for Landerman and Miner could not be reached, however, Miner’s mother did tell The Herald-News, “There’s no way my son can do this.”

Herald-News reports that Miner has a previous conviction of residential burglary.

Massaro’s father also offered a comment to The Herald-News saying, “All I can say is it’s a terrible thing that happened, and I can’t believe my daughter had anything to do with it.”

(Daily Mail)


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