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Video: Is This a UFO Over Jerusalem?

A UFO has been filmed flying over the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount site in Jerusalem and we have the footage here.   The unidentified craft descended from the heavens towards the holy site before shooting upwards into the distance in the early hours of January 28.

The person who filmed the episode, Eli Gael, said, “This morning around (January 28th) 01:00 AM at the promenade of Armon Hantziv in Jerusalem, I was witness with another guy, an amazing UFO aircraft over Jerusalem old city (sic). What is the meaning of this sighting?”

Guess what? A second and totally different video has surfaced of the same incident! Naturally you’ll want to see both films to judge for yourself.


Between the two different films showing very different perspectives on the UFO sighting we have a regular X-Files style incident. Is this UFO really a secret government military project? Is it actually a visit from extra-terrestrial beings? Could it simply be the result of natural phenomena?

Never having seen a UFO myself I am not in a position to judge whether this phenomenon observed over Jerusalem was kosher.


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