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Police Find Alien During Traffic Stop (Photos)

Georgia police made a strange discovery when they pulled over a speeding car.

Officers from the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety found a life-sized alien doll riding in the vehicle's passenger seat, WPVI reports. The driver of the car was reportedly going 84 miles an hour as the alien sat impassive.

"Umm, the things you see during everyday patrol," said the department when it posted the images on Facebook, adding the hashtags #ET, #doesthisqualifyforHOV and #IndependenceDay.

Social media users joked about the strange find in comments on the department's post.

"Funny, even has his own bottle of water," said one user.

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"Safely bucked in, I see," joked another.

"Does the excuse work if I blame the alien for speeding?" said another.

"Looks like an illegal alien," said another user jokingly.

Some users questioned the driver's motive behind keeping the doll in the car.

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"Just for the HOV lane," commented one user, referring to the High Occupancy Vehicle lane reserved for cars with two or more people riding in them.

Cars that use alternative fuel sources, such as hybrid and electric cars, may also use the HOV lane, as well as motorcycles, buses, law enforcement and emergency vehicles, according to the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

The lanes are intended to increase efficiency and lower traffic, incentivizing carpooling and moving the greatest number of people through traffic at once, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

Penalties for violating HOV rules can range from $75 for a first time offense up to $150 and a point on the driver's record. Violating the HOV lane law is a misdemeanor.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety is responsible for enforcing the HOV lane laws in the state.

When asked if the vehicle would qualify for this, the department answered, "Not on this planet."

The human driver was let go with a warning, despite the speeding, according to KHQ.

Another user questioned the police's decision to let the motorist go.

"84 miles per hour -- no ticket?" the user wrote. "Doll to beat HOV rules -- no ticket? Hmmm."

In another bizarre traffic story, a dancing Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur kept drivers on a highway entertained while they were stuck in traffic, KUSA reports.

Rachel Bomgaars was driving back from a bachelorette party with friends in Colorado when the group discovered that an accident had shut down the lanes on the highway. Traffic was stuck on the highway for over an hour.

Rachel put on the T. rex costume, which was for a pajama party contest, and danced around to keep the other drivers entertained. Trapped motorists left their cars to take photos and videos of the T. rex.

Some even joined in, dancing with the dinosaur.

Sources: WPVI, KHQ, Alpharetta Public Safety Department/Facebook, KUSA, Georgia Department of Public Safety, Federal Highway Administration / Photo credit: Max Pexel, Alpharetta Department of Public Safety/Facebook

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