Alien-Like Cloud Spotted In The Sky Over Stockton, California (PHOTOS)

A bizarre weather phenomenon was recently seen by many in the sky over Northern California.

Many people flocked to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share photos and thoughts on what appears to be a bright, strange hole in the otherwise undisturbed clouds over Stockton, Calif., on Friday, the Daily Mail reported.

Conspiracy theorists are associating the hole in the clouds with a UFO, but skeptics refused to believe it as anything more than a “cloud formation.”

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According to News10 ABC, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration suggested that the weird cloud phenomenon could have been created by ice crystals falling through a “hole punch cloud,” refracting light.

A hole punch cloud is caused when the temperature in a cloud drops below freezing and ice crystals form. The crystals evaporate and leaves a hole in the cloud, usually a cirrocumulus or altocumulus. The scientific name for this phenomenon is “Fallstreak hole.”

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A similar phenomenon also created quite a stir in 2010.

Such formations are rather common in many parts of the world, but given that the weather in Stockton is warmer this time of year, experts say this theory is not probable, CBS13 reported.

However, many other theories flooded social media, including Twitter user @CaPtDCharles, who tweeted: “So the @WhiteHouse wants you to believe what happened over the skies of Stockton yesterday was a 'cloud formation' ? GTFOH #iKnowWhatiSaw.”

Twitter user @AceThePhantom hinted at some “weather manipulation.”

Stockton, interesting stuff happening there as always...weather manipulation much? hmm http://t.co/bpAWZh0P6v

— ACE THE PHANTOM (@AceThePhantom) May 10, 2014

Another user, @NGC, joked that the phenomenon was like “the wormhole from Donnie Darko.”

Great, I saw a picture of a weird cloud and now I'm watching Donnie Darko thinking about the philosophy of time travel...

— Neil (@NGC) May 10, 2014


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