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Alicia White Arrested for Telling Her Daughter to Fight (Video)

Alicia White was recently charged for contributing to the delinquency of a minor after reportedly encouraging her teen daughter, Aliyah, to fight 15-year-old Whitney Irvin on a public street in the middle of Binger, Okla.

A video (below) of the fight on July 10 has gone viral and caused both teens to regret their actions.

The video shows Aliyah White attacking Irvin, tossing her to the ground and slapping her.

According to KFOR-TV, Alicia White is heard off-camera yelling to her daughter: "Kick her a--!" and "Don't Stop!"

According to Binger police officer Bobby Lynn, Alicia White told him "that is how they handled things when she was growing up and that she thought it served Whitney right for taking about her daughter and calling her names such as the n-word."

However, Alicia White, 38, could now face up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000 if she is convicted.

Aliyah White told News9 that she had been feuding with Irvin for weeks and snapped after hearing her ex-friend yell racial slurs at her.

Irvin has denies being racist and said their fight started over a boy.

Sources: KFOR-TV and News9


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