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Alice Klee, a Hoarder, Found Dead in Room After Missing for Months

A hoarder was found dead in her apartment after she was missing for months. Her body was discovered under a pile of trash, clothing and blankets.

Alice Klee, 68, was seen last on February 8 in her hometown of New Milford, N.J. Since she was reported missing, police have carried out extensive searches for her but did not find evidence of her anywhere.

Police even conducted several checks of her home with K-9 units but still did not find her body.

It wasn't until last weekend when her landlord was clearing out the apartment that her body was discovered in between the bed and the window. 

Police said she was "partially mummified."

She was described by family members as a hoarder and neighbors said she was reclusive. 

The Bergen County Medical Examiner said Klee died of natural causes.

In March, police found her wallet, cell phone and keys, as well as numerous cats who were suffering from starvation.

Her neighbors were suspicious of her disappearance as Klee had always stuck to a routine each day, which consisted of moving her car, rifling through bins and feeding stray animals.

Another neighbor said she would have never left her cats alone.

"I told police multiple times, 'Are you sure she's not in there?'" a relative said. "He said we would smell it. I was in there and I did not smell anything."

"It is a very, very sad situation."

Sources: Daily Mail, North Jersey


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