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Alfred Wright Murder Case: Disturbing New Details Emerge Following Federal Investigation

Earlier this month, Opposing Views reported about the gruesome death of 28-year-old Alfred Wright. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance were initially alarming; he reportedly abandoned his truck at a gas station and ran off into the woods, completely randomly. 18 days later, his body was found in the woods nearby, and he was brutally maimed. Wright was stripped down almost naked, wearing only his boxers and a single sock with his cell phone tucked into it. One ear, his eyes, and his tongue were all missing from his body, and despite all signs pointing to foul play, authorities quickly dismissed it as a drug overdose.

Wright’s family immediately knew that police were wrong, as they claimed their son, a married father of two and well-regarded physical therapist, was not using drugs, and they tried to get police to investigate it as a murder. The official autopsy done by police said there was no reason to think it was foul play, but when the family decided to get a private autopsy done, that pathologist determined that the cause of death was severe trauma.

“The Wright family and I had a three-hour meeting with Sherriff Maddox in his office and there was a map that I got up and took a marker and asked the Sherriff to search one specific area on that map and Sherriff Maddox told me no,” said Quanell X, leader of the New Black Panther Party and representative for the Wright family. “Not only did Sherriff Maddox tell me that we could not search that area, he went further to say that if any of the search organizers decided to search that area they would be arrested on the spot. I knew right then that Sherriff Maddox had his fingerprints all over this young man’s disappearance.”

The Wright family turned to Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson, asking if she could appeal to the Department of Justice to get involved. Finally, the federal government took on the case, and since then, there have been some major updates.

According to reports, there has been speculation that Wright had an affair with the daughter of the sheriff that was initially investigating the case. Although the daughter denies the affair, that would definitely explain why the police department was so blasé about the case from the start.

“On a telephone conference call with Sherriff Maddox and Texas Ranger Danny Young, Sherriff Maddox denied ever hearing any rumors that his daughter knew Alfred Wright,” said Quanell X. “I asked him how he could possibly know that and he admitted to all of us on the telephone that he questioned his own daughter. I asked him [if] he thought that it was right for him to question his own daughter during a major investigation and he said yes.”

The investigation is ongoing, and now, the Wright family is offering a $30,000 reward for anyone that can give them information about Alfred’s death.


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