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Alex Jones Tries To Profit Off Fort Lauderdale Shooting (Video)

Alex Jones is selling body armor on his conspiracy InfoWars website, which was promoted on his internet TV show by host David Knight on Jan. 6 (video below).

Knight tried to blame the shooting at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Jan. 6, as well as killings in Iran and Chicago, on President Barack Obama and gun control laws.

Knight claimed "they" are going to take people's guns away, and shilled the body armor, notes Media Matters:

You need to make sure -- if they’re going to take your gun away, if they’re going to keep you defenseless -- you need to make sure that you can at least shield yourself. That’s why we’re selling tactical nanotechnology body armor that was previously available only to the military, only to law enforcement, is now available exclusively at the InfoWars store.

At the InfoWars store, Jones is hawking the "Citizen Armor SHTF Tactical XPC Vest" for $1,436, which the site claims allows a person to perform at peak levels while being protected in "dangerous environments."

While InfoWars blamed the shooting on Obama and gun control, The Washington Post notes that the Transportation Security Administration allows passengers to legally carry guns and ammunition in their luggage that has been checked at the gate.

While the TSA allows guns and ammo in checked luggage, the government agency bans lighters that look like guns, safety matches, numerous types of aerosol cans, electronic cigarettes, oxygen used for recreation and liquid bleach.

Florida does not not currently allow people to carry firearms in an airport unless the guns are in a case, but there is a bill pending a vote that would allow open carry in airports.

The shooting suspect, Esteban Santiago, flew to Florida from Anchorage, Alaska, whose chief of police, Jesse Davis, told the newspaper: "We’re a big hunting state, so we get quite a lot of [people checking guns in luggage], everything appeared normal."

Sources: Media Matters,, The Washington Post / Photo credit:

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