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Alex Jones Launches Dating Site for ‘Freedom-Loving’ Conspiracy Theorists founder, conspiracy theorist and broadcaster Alex Jones launched a dating site for his listeners last month, hooking up conspiracy enthusiasts from 9/11 truthers to people who believe The Matrix is real.

Dating Freedom Lovers” is comprised mostly of believers in Jones’ New World Order theory that "a secretive power elite conspires to rule the world via an authoritarian global government."

“Unlike Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, which represent little more than vast snooping databases and NSA fronts, we are committed to preserving your privacy,” wrote site administrators March 2013, noting they “will never sell your information or divulge any of your details to any third party – government or corporation.”

Featured Freedom Lovers' profiles are public on Photobucket. Julian from Pheonix, Ariz., writes, “One great thing about going to work each day is that I talk to my coworkers and everyday [I’m] opening up their ears and eyes to what is really happening in the world around them.”

The profile for Mary in North Carolina says, “I experienced my first political awakening in 2006 after a flu shot fiasco when I learned very quickly that vaccines were a well-disguised, master-minded tool of population control.”

J.D. in Ontario, hoping “to get to know more Freedom fighters,” assures prospective dates that he lives “in a small city just far enough outside from the major ones in Ontario Canada to relocate easily (with multiple safe routes) to less populated parts of the continent.”

There is no way to filter Freedom Lovers by their conspiracy interests and users claim to be looking for everything from people with “a Celtic ancestry” to a “devout Christian man who loves the truth of God.”

The twitter hashtag #InfoWarsPickUpLines saw a flurry of activity this week, inspiring such tweets as: "What's a nice girl like you doing in a highly restricted, video monitored, informant infested place like this?"; “I wanna get in bed with you like Prescott Bush did with Hitler”; and “Were you planted by government agents as a pretext for civilian massacres? Because you're the bomb!"

More great tweets:

You're super hot, but not because of greenhouse gasses. #infowarspickuplines

— Johnny B. (@LazyBrainGames) April 26, 2013

As long as they're watching us, we may as well put on a freak show. #InfoWarsPickupLines

— Rand Guevara (@wecanwait) April 27, 2013

Girl, you must be one evil woman'cuz there is some shapeshifting happening in my pants#InfoWarsPickupLines

— SpaSuzy (@SpaSuzy) April 27, 2013

Are you a terrorist phone line? Cause I'd tap you in a heartbeat. #infowarspickuplines

— Ka∫∊∊ (@Kaleewho) April 26, 2013

Wanna join the illuminaughty? #infowarspickuplines

— Kathryn DeLong (@kathryndelong) April 26, 2013

My perfect night? You, me, the subcutaneous RIFD listening devices and the Illuminati disinfo agents monitoring us.#InfowarsPickupLines

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) April 26, 2013

You've got a great globalist conspiracy file. It would look great on the floor of my bunker.#InfowarsPickupLines

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) April 26, 2013

Sources: Raw Story, BetaBeat


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