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Alex Jones Pushes Michelle Obama Transgender Theory

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Web personality Alex Jones has come under fire for an Aug. 25 video claiming former First Lady Michelle Obama was born a man.

Jones, who runs the conspiracy-theorist website Infowars, is no stranger to peddling stories with scant or no evidence on his popular podcast. His Aug. 25 video claims to have "final proof" that Michelle Obama is transgender, using amateur video showing pleats and creases in her skirts as evidence.

In the video, Jones described various features of the former first lady as indicative of a masculine identity, including mocking her shoulders and facial features. He also attacked the Obamas' daughters Sasha and Malia, positing that they are simply a front to cover Michelle's "transgenderism."

He further raised questions about the death of comedian Joan Rivers, who sparked Jones' theory by calling Michelle a "tranny," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jones said Rivers died in a "freak medical mishap," insinuating Rivers was killed due to her comments about the first lady.

Chelsea Clinton, who has taken on several right-wing personalities on Twitter, came to Michelle's defense.

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"Michelle Obama is everything this site will never be -- honorable, brave, beloved, beautiful," Clinton tweeted after Jones' video was published. "Don't need to watch an awful video to know that."

When a Twitter user asked why Clinton even bothered responding to an Infowars video, she argued that she needed to "shine a light" on the false story without "giving that awfulness clicks."

Jones has frequently pushed his theories on Infowars without evidence, often leading to rebuke from social media users, according to the Independent. He has raised questions about the legitimacy of a 2012 school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, in which 20 children and seven adults were killed; Jones called it a "hoax."

He has also speculated that the bomb attacks at the 2013 Boston Marathon were fake and that former U.S. President Barack Obama founded ISIS.

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Several users on Twitter expressed their discomfort with the fact that Jones and U.S. President Donald Trump appear to have a working relationship, with Trump at the very least paying attention what Jones says and writes.

Trump made an appearance on Jones' show while running for president in 2015, according to Media Matters. Roger Stone, a top political advisor for Trump, helped establish a channel of communication between Jones and the president.

Stone called Jones a "valuable asset" to the administration.

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