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Alex Evans, 7, Suspended for Throwing Imaginary Grenade on School Property

Maybe having an active imagination isn’t the best thing for children after all. At least that is the message Mary Blair elementary school in Loveland, Colo., sent when they decided to suspend a 2nd grader for playing a make believe game.

Alex Evans, 7, found himself in hot water recently when, as part of a game he was playing, he threw an imaginary grenade at his enemies.

“It’s called ‘rescue the world,’” he tried to explain to school officials. But they weren't having it.

According to Fox 31 News, Evans threw a pretend grenade into a box with pretend evil forces inside. Why? To keep them from being able to “destroy the world.”

That, the administration says, is against the rules, as the school has a list of “absolutes,” intended to keep a safe environment. On this list of absolutes is no fighting, real or imaginary, and no weapons, real or imaginary.

Unfortunately for Alex, he was in possession of an imaginary weapon.

Fortunately for Alex, his mom is on his side.

“Honestly I don’t think the rule is very realistic for kids this age,” Mandie Watkins told Fox 31 News. “I think that when a child is trying to save the world, I don’t think he should be punished for it.”

Other parents agreed with her, saying that Alex’s type of play is normal for a boy his age.

Regardless, Alex won’t be returning to school for awhile; his mom is keeping him home until something about these “absolute rules” can be worked out.

(Fox 31 News)


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