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Alert! Chicago Elementary School to March in Gay Pride Parade

By Laurie Higgins, IFI Director of DSA | Illinois Family Institute

I am so angry I could scream -- but instead I'll write.

Nettelhorst Elementary School,
a public school located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, has
the dubious honor of being the first Chicago public school to march in
Chicago's "gay pride" parade on Sunday.

According to an article in the Windy City Times, and not surprisingly, "Brad Rossi, a gay parent of a first-grade girl, and Marcia Festen,
a lesbian parent of two daughters, one of whom is in kindergarten, were
both crucial in bringing the idea to the school. The two worked
together in the 1980s, and Rossi says that the idea came from

I have asked before and I will ask
again, how depraved does the behavior have to become to which our
public schools expose children and how young do the children have to be
before conservatives and faith communities rise up in righteous

According to the Chicago Tribune,
"The black metal fence in front of Nettelhorst Elementary School is
obscured by thousands of strips of dyed fabric-yellows giving way to
greens, then blues, purples and reds-each one tied on by the small
hands of a student." How special.

I called the
school to ask if the small children had tied the thousands of strips on
the fence during school time, but the teacher who answered the phone
claimed she didn't know.

I was struck by the symbolism inherent in these decorations: The
rainbow colors representing the GLBT movement and goals now completely
obscure public education.

The National Education Association (NEA), the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network
(GLSEN), and pro-homosexual proselytes employed in public schools
conspire to use public education to eradicate the belief that
volitional homosexual acts are immoral. Public education is
transmogrifying into public indoctrination right before our very eyes.
The evidence is proudly displayed in thousands of rainbow-colored flags
tied by little hands.

We have become so
desensitized that we no longer view homosexuality as the perversion it
is. And those who have retained a modicum of moral discernment have
become so cowardly they are no longer willing to call perversion by its
rightful name. We care more about our comfort than we do about
children. We care more about our comfort than we do about how our money
is exploited for someone else's political agenda. We care more about
how the world views us than how God views us. We are apathetic,
self-centered, acquiescent cowards who allow paid public servants --
activist ideologues -- to exploit public education in the service of
their pernicious, subversive, dystopian vision for America.

Volitional homosexual acts are depraved. How dare public educators
suggest that children in publicly funded schools march in a parade that
celebrates and affirms depravity. No public school educator in their
professional capacity has any right to espouse, affirm, endorse,
promote, or support either explicitly or implicitly any position on the
nature and morality of homosexuality. To espouse, affirm, endorse,
promote, or support any position on the nature and morality of
homosexuality stands way outside the purview of their jobs and way
outside their professional expertise.

Have Nettlehorst administrators and teachers read, studied, and thought
deeply about the nature and morality of homosexuality? Have they
studied what some of the greatest theologians, historians, and
philosophers throughout history have written about it? Have they read
the best contemporary scholarship on the subject from both liberal and conservative thinkers? What astonishing hubris, foolishness, and irresponsibility this parade decision represents.

Those Nettelhorst parents who want their children to attend this
reprobate event can take their children themselves. Under no
circumstances should participation in this parade of profligacy be
deemed either an official or unofficial school event. And under no
circumstances should any school time be used to discuss or prepare for
this event.

Conservatives must wake up. To use a cliche, we must see the forest for the trees. Cultural change rarely occurs through dramatic single events, but rather through the slow accretion of little events that we dismiss or ignore.


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