Aleim Perkins Killed In Tire Swing Accident In NYC Park


A man was killed in a freak playground accident in New York City, much to the horror of parents and children standing nearby. 

Aleim Perkins, 39, of Harlem, was pushing a tire swing while watching his 6-year-old niece, Leela, at Tompkins Square Park on Monday. Perkins was aggressively pushing the 25-pound tire swing — which is made of ethyl vinyl acetate, the material used on the bottom of soccer cleats — when it hit him in the face. 

There weren’t any children on the tire at the time of the accident.

“He crouched to get out of the way, but it was going too fast,”  Savon Epps, 12, told the New York Post. “It hit him on the left cheek. He just plopped down.” 

Ori Carino, 32, was in the park with his son when the accident took place. He told DNAinfo he didn’t see what happened, but he and another parent rushed to turn Perkins on his back. “The guy got his fillings knocked out,” Carino said, adding that his eyes fluttered but never opened. 

Perkins was knocked unconscious and bleeding from the mouth before he was transported to Bellvue Hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. 

“The Parks Department extends its sympathies to the family who lost a loved one in yesterday’s unfortunate accident in Tompkins Square Park,” a spokesperson for the department said. “We are currently investigating the incident.”

The Arch Tire Swing by Landscape Structures was purchased by the city Parks Department in 2009. It’s unknown how many of the tire swings are in New York’s public parks and whether or not they’ll be recalled. 

Sources: DNAinfo, New York Post / Image via Flickr


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