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Aldi Customer Finds Live Mouse In Bread Bag (Photo)

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One Aldi shopper was shocked after he found a live mouse inside a loaf of bread purchased from the store.

Andrew Odell tweeted a picture of the mouse crawling through the bag, noting that it was the first and last time he would shop at the supermarket. When Aldi finally replied to the tweet, Odell responded that his pregnant wife Claire had already been in touch with the company and that they were both “extremely upset” about the situation.

When Twitter users began responding to the original tweet, Odell expanded on his story.

“Fortunately the mouse is fine,” Odell wrote, “the same cannot be said for my heavily pregnant wife.”

Other Twitter users chimed in, either agreeing to boycott the supermarket or simply writing how sickening the discovery must have been.

Since originally writing it, Odell’s complaint has been retweeted more than 1,600 times.

On Wednesday, an Aldi spokesperson noted that the safety of its shoppers is the store’s number one priority. 

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Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror

Photo Credit: Twitter/Andrew Odell


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