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Alcohol Deaths Rising ‘Since This Morning’ While Pot Deaths Stay At Zero

A new website launched this month features the climbing number of deaths directly caused by alcohol, all the while the figure for deaths caused by marijuana use remains at zero.

The website, “Since This Morning,” compares the direct death tolls from marijuana and alcohol use since, well, this morning.

While it may not come as a surprise that the number of alcohol-related deaths is in the thousands for the day, marijuana use deaths hasn’t changed from zero, according to the website. The statistics comes from global statistics for “annual alcohol-attributable deaths from a World Health Organization report,” the Huffington Post first reported.

In order to get the number of alcohol-related deaths for the day, the World Health Organization report subtracts accidental alcohol-attributable deaths from the total number of deaths due to alcohol. The report estimates 1,760,000 people die due to direct effects of alcohol consumption and dependence around the world each year. Deaths caused by traffic accidents related to alcohol, are considered to be accidental and are subtracted.

The number is calculated to find the total deaths per second and is then paired with the current time to find the total number killed so far on that day.

While the alcohol figure is much trickier to find out, the number of marijuana-related deaths is much more straightforward. There is no report of anyone ever being killed directly by marijuana. According to one study, the Huffington Post reports, in order to be at risk of dying, someone would have to consume thousands of joints worth of “THC,” the compound that gets smokers high.

Opponents argue however, that marijuana does lead to deaths because it is addictive and can lead to violence, suicidal thoughts and the usage of harder drugs.

Since the launching of the website, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government would not sue to block state laws that would legalize marijuana. This measure, the website states, is “giving states the green light to pursue legalization.

Source: Huffington Post,


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