Albuquerque Teen Named 'Isis' Reports Getting Bullied In School


A high school student in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is reportedly being bullied by classmates because of her name.

Isis Soriano-Logan, a 17-year-old junior at Cibola High School in Albuquerque, said she has been teased and harassed at school because she happens to share a name with the infamous terrorist organization, KOB reports.

Isis told KOB that other students have taunted her by saying things like, "Watch out, Isis is coming!" and laughing when her name is called in class.

According to the teen, the situation escalated on Dec. 8 when another student reportedly sought her out to fight her.

"I got pulled out of class, and they told me that there was this girl looking for me and that she was making a big scene downstairs, yelling my name, cursing," Isis told KOB.

At the end of the school day, graffiti reportedly appeared in several different locations in the school depicting Isis's name with obscene language.

The teen's mother, Sonya Soriano, told KOB that school officials have denied that the graffiti refers to her daughter, but she doesn't believe the school's explanation.

"I personally went to the school, and they told me that it was in regards to the terrorist acts," Sonya said. "So I should think of it as that and not because it's her name."

"I felt like they were just going to ignore it and make it seem like it was just the terrorist act, when it involved her," she added. 

Other than its association with terrorism, Isis is also the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky and nature. Sonya said she chose the name for her daughter because she heard it on a television show.

In December 2014, a supporter of terrorist group ISIS hacked into the Albuquerque Journal's mobile app and issued a public threat to the residents of the city, Inquisitr reported.

The post, which was titled "Christmas Will Never Be Merry Any Longer" and contained a picture of a masked Muslim man, warned of an impending cyberattack on Albuquerque as retribution for the U.S.-sanctioned bombings of ISIS-controlled areas in the Middle East. 

Sources: KOB, Inquisitr / Photo credit: KOB

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