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'My Heart's Always Been For The Animals': Man Turns Toyota Into Animal-Rescue Vehicle

Chris Skeen, 27, lives in a group home for the disabled and has a job washing dishes at an Albuquerque catering company.  Many in his position would not be thinking about what they have to give, but Chris is an exception. He has been busy planning what he can do to help lost or injured animals. 

Chris was inspired by a recent article he read online about an ambulance in New York City, which was fully equipped to provide emergency response or transport ill or injured animals. He decided to provide the resources he has to do the same--on a less-imposing scale.

On Thursday, Chris told Caleb James of KOB Eyewitness News 4 about his dream, “I’m not a doctor; I’m not a veterinarian, so I figure maybe I can do something along the lines of that, like transporting lost animals…my heart’s always been for the animals.”

Chris bought some flashing lights from a local auto parts store and attached a banner on the door of his Toyota Corolla that reads “Emergency Pet Transport” to inform others of his mission, and for the last two months he has hit the streets in search of four-legged creatures in need of help.

He told the KOB News reporter, “I’ll go to the Northeast Heights, all the way to Isleta, and all the way down to the North Valley.” So far, he says he has picked up two stray dogs, which he took to shelters.

Chris says he hopes to grow into a real business someday. But, it’s not the size of his enterprise that counts. It’s the size of the heart behind it that is impressive.

During his entrepreneurial learning curve, Chris did run into one glitch, he said. The German Shepherd he thought he had found turned out to be a coyote.  

Chris says he is receiving a lot of support from Victoria and Rachel, owners of The Sassy Apron, where he works, and from his friends and “…so far, it’s doing well.” 

He certainly found a good friend in Caleb James and KOB News 4, who believed the heartwarming story of Chris’ efforts and dreams are important and should be shared.

Sources: KOB, Youtube / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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