Albuquerque Cop Turns Police Dog Loose On 58-Year-Old Man With Hands Up (Video)


A recently released police body camera video (below) from July shows an unidentified officer releasing a K-9 police dog on a 58-year-old suspect, Michael O’Connor, who put his hands up to surrender in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

According to police, O’Connor physically abused his girlfriend, and barricaded himself inside a house, which resulted in an hours-long standoff. Cops eventually tossed flash-bang grenades outside O'Connor's home in an effort to get him to come out. When O’Connor walked out, he appeared to have his hands up, notes KOAT, but a police officer turned the dog loose.

Moments later, O'Connor yelled, “Jesus Christ, get this dog off my arm! Jesus Christ, get this dog off me! Oh God, help me!”

Albuquerque Police Department spokeswoman Celina Espinoza told KOAT in August: "The man comes out and he is moving things around in his waist. He is not showing his hands. He is refusing to cooperate with the actual commands."

The video appears to contradict Espinoza's claims. Espinoza also said the department was not going to release the video because “it''s a perspective that doesn't need to be played out to the public when there's nothing to defend."

Espinoza added that APD was trying to keep its methods secret, but releasing a police dog on a suspect is a tactic that has existed for decades.

This time around, APD did not issue any comment to KOAT about the video or why it suddenly released it.

Sources: KOAT (2) / Photo credit: KOAT Screenshot

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