New Mexico School Puts Cheerleaders In Detention For Wearing Their Uniforms


One of the enduring perks of joining the high school cheerleading squad is that you get to be clad in school spirit. But the cheerleading squad members of La Cueva High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, were given a rude surprise on Sept. 4 when they discovered that showing their school spirit violated the dress code. 

La Cueva High School, part of the Albuquerque Public Schools District, has a strict dress code that prohibits students from wearing short shorts, skirts or low-cut shirts, reports KRQE News. 

The cheerleaders of La Cueva’s football team, the Bears, have uniforms consisting of short skirts and sleeveless tops.

According to the school’s dress code, skirts or shirts that are shorter than the a girl’s fingertips when she locks her arms down her sides are unacceptable. Students are also expected to wear tops with sleeves. 

The squad’s uniforms violates these rules.

Three girls who were wearing their uniforms on game day were taken to La Cueva’s detention room, which has bears the delightful nickname “bear cave.” The girls had to change into different outfits before they could return to class.

The cheerleading squad members are not thrilled that they cannot wear their uniforms to school on game days. Some feel that their sleeveless tops and short skirts are not provocative.

“We wear spandex under them which is pretty much wearing shorts under our skirts,” says Junior Varsity Cheerleader Ashlyn Villanueva. “We could wear our shells with long sleeve shirts, but not our skirts.”

If La Cueva High School deems the girls’ outfits to be too revealing for campus, it does seem contradictory that they be asked to wear them for football games. The Albuquerque high school is not the only campus to be walking this tightrope. 

This same controversy occurred in the Community Unit School District 300, in Illinois, where school cheerleaders were told their uniforms were too skimpy for campus, reports the Daily Herald.

District 300’s Superintendent Fred Heid said of cheer uniforms during school hours: "They are not long enough. The cheerleading uniforms are intended to allow them to compete. They are not intended to be allowed as daily wear."

The La Cueva cheerleaders are trying to raise more than $4,000 to buy new uniforms with longer skirts so they can wear them at school.

Sources: KRQE News 13 (2), Daily Herald / Photo credit: Screenshot via KRQE


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