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Albuquerque Bus Driver Caught On Camera Having Sex At Work

An Albuquerque bus driver was caught on surveillance camera having sex with a woman in the back of his bus while he was on duty.

ABQ Ride officials said the driver, Alex Gonzales, was fired over the May 6 incident.

Gonzales, a 14-year veteran with ABQ Ride, allegedly pulled over at the layover stop in a park-n-ride at 9:30 a.m. and a woman got onto the bus without paying a fare. 

"You know what time it is?” he says to the woman as she sits down with him in the back of the bus.

They proceed to engage in a sex act, which officials don’t want to describe.

"I was raised to be a gentleman," ABQ Ride Spokesman Rick De Reyes said. "And I'm hoping I'm keeping up to that standard. For me to describe what's on this video makes me very uncomfortable."

“Man, if I could sell that I could make a million dollars,” Gonzales tells the woman in the video.

The pair was caught in the act by a woman passing by with a baby stroller. She reported the incident to ABQ Ride officials.

De Reyes said Gonzales was fired Friday.

"It was also determined that an egregious violation of rules had taken place," he said.

He said this is the first time something like this has occurred on ABQ Ride.

"They know what ethical behavior is and they do it every day,” he said of employees.

Sources: KOAT, Fox News


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