Albert Covarrubias Jr Shot by Fellow Officer and Best Man at His Wedding Matthew Kline

In a startling revelation, authorities have revealed that Santa Maria, California police officer Albert Covarrubias Jr. was shot and killed by fellow officer Matthew Kline -- his best friend and the best man at Covarrubias' wedding just three weeks earlier.

The Daily Mail has reported the two were patrol partners -- but other reports have yet to confirm that working relationship.

Covarrubias was the subject of a criminal investigation for sexual misconduct against a 17-year-old girl, who was a member of the department's Police Explorer program.

Police say Kline was trying to arrest Covarrubias on Saturday, but he resisted and fired his gun. Kline then fatally shot Covarrubias once in the chest. The showdown happened at a DUI checkpoint where Covarrubias had been on duty.

Police Chief Danny R. Macagni said: "He chose to resist. He drew his weapon. A fight ensued. He fired his weapon. And one of my officers that was there also discharged his weapon, and the officer was fatally wounded."

Covarrubias was rushed to Marian Medical Center but was later pronounced dead from his injuries.

The Los Angeles Times reports that police believed Covarrubias knew he was under investigation. Police say witnesses were being intimidated, and that the public would be at risk if the officer was not arrested before he left his shift Saturday.

By 1 a.m. Saturday, detectives had enough information to arrest the officer, who would have been booked on multiple felony counts.


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