Litter Of Wolf Pups Saved By Heroic Firefighters During Alaskan Blaze (Video)

Alaskan firefighters bravely rescued a litter of five wolf pups from the edge of the Kenai Peninsula wildfire, and the orphaned animals are now safe and being taken care of in Anchorage at the Alaska Zoo.

While firefighters were busy trying to put out the flames earlier this week, they heard the cries of one young wolf pup, and upon further investigation, they saw they it had been injured by a porcupine.

Firefighters then put together a small crew to crawl into a narrow den and retrieve four other wolf pups, all injured by a porcupine and slowly fading from dehydration. Another pup was discovered in the den, but unfortunately, it had already died from its injuries. Experts say that the litter was likely abandoned by their parents once the wildfire started, and when a porcupine went into the den to seek shelter from the fire, it encountered the six young pups.

Now, the five living wolf pups have been rescued and are safely recovering at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage.

“They would have died if we didn’t pull them out,” said firefighter Jefferson Sam. “For me, it was the right thing to do.”

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Jill Myer, spokeswoman for the Alaska Zoo, says that they aren’t sure if the pups will stay with them, but this isn’t the first time that a litter of wolf pups have been brought to them.

"A pack of wolves came in two or three years ago, all from one den, all abandoned," said Myer. “Those are our wolves now."

Myer went on to say that the pups are doing “normal puppy things,” and are recovering by sleeping, eating, and taking antiobiotics.


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