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Alaska Woman Caught With Counterfeit Money And Drugs Inside Her Body

An Alaska woman suspected of using counterfeit money was caught with narcotics and $900 in counterfeit bills inside of her body.

Chelsea Sperry of Fairbanks, Alaska, was caught hiding more than a dozen fake bills, plus methamphetamine, heroin, and morphine pills inside of her vagina.

Police were called to an adult novelty store by a store clerk after a couple attempted to make a purchase with a counterfeit $100 bill.

Before police arrived at the store, Sperry fled with a large sum of cash from her boyfriend, leaving him to wait for the police.

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Sperry was pulled over shortly after leaving the store by police, who had been given her description from the clerk, according to The Smoking Gun. The 31-year-old was found to be driving with a suspended license, and was arrested and brought to the Fairbanks Correctional Center.

A corrections officer reportedly noticed Sperry “making furtive movements toward her vagina” at the jail, according to a criminal complaint. The suspicious officer then put Sperry through a body scan, revealing that she had items hidden in her vagina or anal cavity, The Smoking Gun reported.

A female corrections officer then removed the cash and drugs from inside Sperry. Stuffed inside the woman's body were six $100 bills, three $50 bills, and seven $20 bills. All of the bills were counterfeit. In addition to the counterfeit money found inside her vagina, a genuine $10 bill was found inside Sperry’s anus, reported The Smoking Gun.

Also inside Sperry’s vagina were two baggies of methamphetamine, two baggies of heroin, and a baggie of morphine sulfate pills, according to The Smoking Gun. The corrections officer also discovered a clear plastic bag that contained 40 smaller baggies, which the complaint points out are “commonly used for the distribution of smaller amounts of heroin and methamphetamine.”

Sperry was charged with felony first-degree forgery, felony third-degree drug misconduct, and misdemeanor fourth-degree drug misconduct, reported News Miner. She has also been arrested twice earlier this year for theft, but charges were dropped in both cases, reported The Smoking Gun.

According to city spokesperson Amber Courtney, the counterfeit bills were marked with “for motion picture use only” and were found at three other stores in Fairbanks in December, reported News Miner.

Sources: News MinerThe Smoking Gun / Photo credit: The Smoking Gun

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