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Alaska Town Residents Meet Suspected Drug Dealer At Airport, Send Him Home

An Alaskan man who is described as a known drug dealer was denied access to the town of Sand Point after locals waited for him at the airport and sent him back on the plane he arrived on. Town resident Carmen Dushkin posted a Facebook photo of the confrontation. "Sand Point takes a stand to remove known drug dealers," Dushkin wrote. "Team Sand Point will not let you come into our town and corrupt the youth of tomorrow."

Dushkin says the man has been flying into Sand Point the past three or four years.

"As soon as he walked into the terminal, they confronted him," Dushkin said. "They walked him straight to the counter, and the townspeople bought his ticket right back, so he wasn't even able to step out of the airport terminal."

Sand Point Police Department officer Michael Livingston said the man has a history in the community. Sand Point has problems with illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth and prescription drugs, KTUU reported.

"Typically, what happens is a drug dealer flies into Sand Point with, say, 1,000 Percocet (oxycodone pain pills) and he has a runner sell them for 150 bucks apiece," Livingston said. "And within a couple weeks, he's leaving town with about $150,000 cash."

Locals are weary of visitors bringing narcotics into their community.

"The parents of Sand Point are just sick and tired of these drug dealers coming into town, because the drug dealers don't care who they sell the drugs to -- they don't care whether or not they sell them to kids," Livingston said.

"I haven't ever seen anyone marched out of town like this guy was; it was the first time I've seen it," Livingston said. "From the round of applause that the citizens gave, I think that it has been unprecedented in Sand Point, and the citizens were very happy with their results -- they didn't want this alleged drug dealer to be in town peddling drugs to their kids."

Sources: KTUU, Free Public


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