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Alaska Signs Stand Your Ground, 2nd Ammendment Protections Bills Into Law

Alaska became the 22nd state to institute a Stand Your Ground law yesterday.

Made infamous by the Trayvon Martin case, Stand Your Ground laws justify the use of deadly retaliation in situations when a person feels they are under unjust attack.

In many Stand Your Ground states, as noted by Think Progress, the principle only applies when the attack occurs on an individual’s property. But in Alaska, the law will apply in any place that a person is lawfully allowed to be.

The bill was one of three signed into law by Alaska Governor Sean Parnell. The second bill declared any federal law that infringes on Second Amendment rights to be unenforceable in Alaska. The third law says that any federal statute or executive order that is not properly adopted, or is unconstitutional, does not preempt Alaska law.

The Governor signed the bills into law at a shooting range. Alaska Public Radio reports that Parnell did so on purpose in order to take a stance against what he calls “federal overreach.”

Though the Stand Your Ground law remains intact for now, Alaska and other states may soon be forced to reconsider this legislation. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission recently announced they will be doing an investigation of the laws to examine the racial bias so frequently associated with them.

Sources: Think Progress, Alaska Public Media


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