Alaska ‘Mayor’ Stubbs The Cat Struggling To Survive After Dog Attack


The mayor of an Alaska town is clinging to life after being mauled by a dog over the weekend. It’s unclear if the mayor has used up the last of his nine lives.

Stubbs the cat was named the honorary mayor of Talkeetna after he may or may not have won the town’s mayoral election as a write-in candidate. Official or not, Stubbs is known around town as the mayor and has achieved a good deal of notoriety within the community.

After suffering a four-inch gash during the dog attack, the 16-year-old cat’s life hangs in the balance.

The attack occurred when Stubbs was walking near Nagley's General Store, the workplace of his owner, Laurie Stec. Stec has managed Nagley's for a number of years.

Stec was at home when she was told about the attack. With the help of other town residents, Stec went out to search for Stubbs.

“People were looking around with headlights and flashlights; everybody was pretty upset,” Stec said. “All I could think was ‘I can’t let him die out here in the rain.’”

When Stec finally found Stubbs at one of his favorite hiding places, she discovered the true extent of his injuries. In addition to the gash, the feline suffered a punctured lung, a crushed sternum and bruised hips, the Alaska Dispatch reported.

Vets attended to Stubbs’ injuries as best they could but it is unclear what will happen at this point. “If he doesn’t heal,” Stec said, “the only thing they can do is put metal plates in his body.”

Stec doesn’t care about her cat’s status as the mayor at his point; she only hopes Stubbs pulls through. “He was famous years ago, and once the TV story was done on him it just catapulted all over the world,” she said. “I don’t know … he’s just a really cool cat.”

Sources: Alaska Dispatch, NY Daily News


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