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Alaska Cat Mayor Stubbs Attacked by Dog, Recovering (VIDEO)

Stubbs, the honorary feline "Mayor" of Talkeetna, Alaska, is recovering at a local veterinary clinic after a vicious mauling by a dog on Labor Day Weekend. So far, the identity of the canine attacker is unknown. He is described as large and local.

The incident occurred while the 16-year-old ginger politi-cat was on his nightly tour of the town on Saturday. Mayor Stubbs suffered a punctured lung, fractured sternum and deep cuts and bruises, according to Lauri Stec, Stubbs' owner and manager of the local general store, Nagley's.

"He had a big gash on his side about 4-5 inches long and once we got him to the vet we found out the gash went down to his organs," said Stec. Stubbs went through a crucial time when he had to be heavily sedated on pain meds, she said. His medical bills could top $2,000.

"I can't tell you how many people have been here every single day who want to see him, take pictures of him, pet him," Stec said of the cat known for his habit of drinking catnip-laced water from a wine glass. "He's pretty patient."


Technically, there is no mayor or city government in Talkeetna, a former mining center of about 900, which is a two-hour drive north of Anchorage.

About 16 years ago, Lauri Stec saw a box of kittens and decided to adopt one. She named him Stubbs because he didn’t have a tail.

The town folk were so smitten with Stubbs that they wrote him in for Mayor at the next election , instead of deciding on one of the two official--but far less popular--candidates. Mayor Stubbs has held his position ever since.

Many citizens say they are genuinely happy to allow a cat to rule. “He doesn’t raise our taxes—we have no sales tax. He doesn’t interfere with business. He’s honest,” said Stec, who converted her store into a part-time mayor’s office when Stubbs claimed victory.

Even though there are reportedly more canines in Talkeetna than there are people, a local business owner said, “I’ve never seen a dog mess with him.” Well, at least not until now!


Lauri hopes Mr. Stubbs will be home by Monday. He is receiving much attention and support from his adoring constituents, according to CNN.

Being the PR savvy guy that he is, Stubbs communicates with his fans through a Facebook page. On Friday he posted on his medical progress, "I had the tube from my lung taken out today, and have even had a bit of an appetite (though no mouse is in my immediate future.)”

Sources: Reuters, CNN


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