Alarmed Citizens Call 911 On Armed Pro-Gun Demonstrators (Video)

Pro-gun group Open Carry Texas recently uploaded a video that shows some of its members carrying rifles and walking down a sidewalk in Houston on Dec. 20, 2014.

Open Carry Texas posted the video (below), which includes 911 calls by citizens who witnessed the armed men, on its YouTube and Facebook pages.

Along with the video on Facebook, the pro-gun group lashed out at the people who called 911 and the 911 operators who took the calls:

This is the reality we face in Texas. The #‎guncontroljihadists have sent the marching orders out to its followers to call the police when they see law abiding citizens exercising their rights. This isn't out of fear, it is out of spite. Scared people don't keep driving past peacefully armed people to get a closer look. Notice, no one here exhibits fear in their calls. Finally, it should concern all Texans that 911 operators are asking untrained callers to describe the mental capacity of folks they see walking down the road without any interaction. Is this an effort at SWATTING law abiding gun owners based on the uneducated opinions of passers-by?

After the 911 calls, police officers arrive and question the men on the sidewalk.

One of the Open Carry Texas members tells the police that the gun safety group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America "will call the police and make things up. They will claim that someone threatened them with a gun when they didn't."

However, none of the 911 callers stated that the men threatened them with a gun or said they were with Moms Demand.

The Open Carry Texas member tells the officer that he wants a 911 caller "tracked down and arrested for a false report."

The police officers eventually allow the Open Carry Texas demonstrators to go on their way.

Sources: YouTube, Facebook / Image Credit: Open Carry Texas Screenshot


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