Dead Man's Ashes Found In Urn Inside Teddy Bear Teen Purchased At Thrift Store (Video)


A teddy bear purchased at a thrift store by a Dothan, Alabama, family had a shocking surprise inside: an urn.

Joshua Scott, 15, and his sisters purchased the brown teddy bear for no more than $5 from Second Chance Thrift Shop on Reeves Street.

Just over a month later, Joshua made the surprising discovery of what was inside of the teddy bear, reports WSFA 12 News.

Joshua was holding the bear one night and felt something hard inside. He unzipped the back and discovered a small urn.

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The urn contained ashes of a dead man, reports New York Daily News.

Joshua and his mother, Samantha, are now trying to find the previous owner of the teddy bear so they can return the urn.

They have taken the urn to an area funeral home for possible identification and posted to Facebook looking for answers, but so far they have been unsuccessful.

The manager at Second Chance Thrift Store said they receive large amounts of donations daily — between three and 10 cars full — and that they do not keep a record of who gives what.

Given that fact, Samantha and Joshua may never find the urn’s owner.

Sources: New York Daily News, WSFA 12 News / Photo Source: WSFA 12 News


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