Alabama Teacher Apologizes For Wearing Blackface Kanye West Costume For Halloween

A fifth-grade teacher in Alabama wore blackface to complete his Kanye West costume and posted an early Halloween photo of himself, Daily Mail reports. The teacher's wife is also in the picture, dressed as Kim Kardashian.

The picture depicts Heath Morrow and his wife, Shannon, dressed up as the power couple. In the picture, Heath wears blackface, plastic “shutter shades,” a white T-shirt, a sport coat, a gold chain and a sign that reads “Kanye for Prez 2020.”

Shannon Morrow originally posted the photo to Facebook, but it has since been deleted or made private.

Heath teaches fifth grade at Chestnut Grove Elementary School, in Decatur, Alabama, according to AL.com. Heath apologized for the costume after the picture started circulating on Reddit.

Decatur City Schools Superintendent Ed Nichols read Morrow's letter of apology at a press conference on Oct. 26. Nichols said the district is investigating the matter further, and declined to comment on Morrow's current employment status.

In Morrow's letter, publicly viewable on Fox 10, he writes that his intentions were not meant to be malicious or hurtful toward any particular group of people. He said he does not see color and has not raised his children in such a way. He concluded by saying that he and his wife made a costume decision based on celebrities and the current political climate, and that it will not happen again.

Several controversial incidents regarding wearing blackface have occurred in recent years, and these incidents tend to be around Halloween.

One famous example is Julianne Hough, judge of "Dancing With the Stars," who wore dark makeup as part of a costume of a character from “Orange Is The New Black” in 2013. Hough later apologized for the costume.

She said: "Ignorance is sometimes not bliss. I really had no idea what I was doing, and it was all out of fun and respect for the character. I don't even know how to talk about it because it's such a sensitive topic. It makes me so sad to think that I was that dumb. I learned a big lesson."

Sources: Daily Mail, AL.com, Fox 10 / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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