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Alabama Security Worker Fatally Shot While Reportedly Trying To Break Up Fight

A security worker at a company in Birmingham, Alabama, was shot dead on Nov. 17 after he reportedly tried to intervene in a fight between two employees.  

Jamall Holder, 29, was present at the company's office when the fight reportedly broke out between two female I.P.E.S. Security employees, reported. Birmingham police spokesman Lt. Sean Edwards said the dispute began when an offsite employee learned she was going to be let go from her job, at which point she returned to the office.  

After returning to the office, the woman reportedly got into a physical confrontation with another female employee, and eventually Holder tried to intervene and break up the fight. One of the employees went and obtained a handgun while the fighting was going on, opened fire, and reportedly shot Holder in the chest. Police say that the woman who was armed was not the employee who had been fired.

After being shot, Holder was taken to St. Vincent's East, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 6:30 p.m. reported on Nov. 18 that a woman had been taken into custody for the shooting, although no formal charges had been made.

Holder's girlfriend, Nicole Bryant, said she texted him around 5:30 p.m. asking where he was. A co-worker of Holder's saw the text and called Bryant to break the news, reports

According to Bryant, Holder had only recently started working at I.P.E.S. Security and had gone to pick up his first paycheck that day. Holder was the father of four children, three of them with Bryant and one from a previous relationship.

"He was working two jobs to provide for us,'' Bryant said. "Somebody took that away, regardless of whether it was accident. To pull out a gun and shoot in a crowd, that is no accident."

Holder's mother, Marjorie Holder, agreed with Bryant. "If you have a gun and shoot into a crowd that is not accidental. You shoot and you don't know who you're going to hit,'' Marjorie said. "I lost my only child because of a crazy act of anger."

Holder's shooting marks the 72nd homicide in the city of Birmingham for 2015, according to

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