Alabama School System Teaches Kids to Fight Gunman by Throwing Scissors, Pencils, Pens

The Tuscaloosa City School System, in Alabama, is offering some controversial advice to students in case of a school shooting, reports the Daily Mail.

The ALICE [Alert-Lockdown-Inform-Counter-Evacuate] program instructs kids how to gang-tackle a gunman, reports TuscaloosaNews.com.

The four-hour training sessions also advises children to fight an armed gunman with scissors, text books, pencils and pens. 

The courses teach more realistic advice such as instructing kids to look for escape routes or places to hide.

Lt. A.B. Green, school resource officer supervisor for Tuscaloose Police Department, told TuscaloosaNews.com: "What we've been teaching nationwide is everybody stopping, locking the doors and hiding where you are. Those concepts work, but they're not an absolute."

"We can train teachers and students to a certain degree. At a certain level, though, we have to train the students to use their last resource, which is to defend themselves."

'We know that these things can happen anywhere. We always hope that this won't happen in our schools, but that doesn't mean we should fail to prepare for it. If you look at the responses that the individuals had on those cases where there was no response or people decided to stop and hide, the casualties were greater in those cases."

Raquel Payne-Giles, principal at Paul W. Bryant High School, told TuscaloosaNews.com: "They did a skit where a person walked in with a toy gun and what actually happens if everyone throws things at him,. The person began to protect themselves, and it threw him off for a few minutes. That's time to run."

"If they get too close, they teach us how to restrain them. One smaller woman can't restrain a large man, but what about three or four of them? That's why the training is not about doing it by yourself. It's about attacking en masse."


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