Alabama School Doesn't Wants Kids Seeing 'Selma' Film (Video)


DeKalb County School superintendent Hugh Taylor doesn't want history club students at Collinsville High School in Alabama attending the film "Selma" because it includes profanity.

According to WAFF, Taylor believes taking the students to the film somehow places teachers in the roles of parents (video below).

However, parent Rev. James Stanton wants his daughter to see the movie about the beginning of the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr.

"I believe that it would make a difference in the lives of students, both black and white as well, to know of these things and what has taken place in past years," Stanton told WAFF. reported in 2013 that Taylor sends his children to Cornerstone Christian Academy, a private school in Rainsville, Alabama.

Taylor receives an annual salary of $119,000.

Sources: WAFF,
Image Credit: WAFF Screenshot


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