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Alabama Residents Find KKK Recruitment Flyers With Candy Attached In Their Yards

An Alabama community was shocked after recruitment flyers to join the Ku Klux Klan were found circulating throughout the neighborhood.

Lake View Police found the flyers in Ziploc bags throughout the Tuscaloosa County community, ABC 33/40 reported. They have turned the case over to the FBI and are encouraging residents to be vigilant.

Authorities posted about their findings on the Lake View Police Department Facebook page. The post read, “A well known ‘hate group’ has disseminated literature throughout our community.”

The flyer itself reads, “Our race is our nation.” It includes a website and a contact number for the KKK. Residents in the area were in disbelief when they saw the flyers.

"I'm stunned. I didn't even know it still existed," Jeanine Hilley told ABC 33/40. "I don't think this would go over in this community. We're a quiet community. This is unbelievable."

The Ziploc bags included something else: a peppermint.

"That's something supposed to be sweet?" Hilley asked.

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Charley Buckland, another local resident, found one of the Ziploc bags within 25 yards of his front door. He also couldn’t wrap his mind around the peppermint candy.

"That's confusing. Why would they put a piece of peppermint candy in here?” Buckland asked. “There's no sweetness involved in this group.

"This is a very sad, sad situation when you find these in your yards," he added. "It's very disheartening."

Buckland says the flyers have been the talk of the neighborhood since they were discovered Sunday. He said he does not believe the people responsible for them live in the area.

"They know some stranger came here and did this. It's not the people who live back in this neighborhood," Buckland said. "I think it was somebody from away from here. I think they found a crowded little subdivision with about 1,500 people who live here and decided it would be a good place to throw out the bags.

“It was just a targeted area for them," he said. "I don't believe they're here."

Residents in Bessemer also found the Ziploc bags in their yards, but theirs included Tootsie Rolls.

"It was thrown on the streets. If any of the kids had picked this up, kids would open this up,” Shannon Phillips told WVTM. “I don't have no idea, it could be laced with some kind of drug.

“These people aren't good so what would they put in candy for children," she added.

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ABC 33/40 called the contact listed on the flyer. It reportedly led to a voicemail recording encouraging recruits to leave their contact information.

Sources: ABC 33/40, WVTM

Photo Credit: ABC 33/40, WVTM Screenshot


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