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Alabama Police Question Black Man For Jogging At Night (Video)

Corey Dickerson, a black man, was jogging late on Oct. 10 when he was stopped and questioned by police in Talladega, Alabama. Dickerson filmed most of the incident with his cellphone (video below).

From his cruiser, police officer Price begins questioning Dickerson, who is resting after a fast sprint, notes The Free Thought

Price asks Dickerson what he is doing and then says he has to question him "because we got a lot of burglaries and thefts going on."

Price asks Dickerson where he is headed and where he is running from, but Dickerson provides only vague answers.

Price then drives his cruiser closer to Dickerson and gets out of his vehicle.

"Well, looks like I'm about to get harassed," Dickerson says to himself on the video.

Price gets out of his cruiser, says it is 12:30 a.m., repeats his claim about burglaries in the area and demands Dickerson's ID. Dickerson tells Price that his name is "Corey."

Dickerson asks Price if he is being detained. Price says that he is but admits that Dickerson is not committing a crime.

“So you guys can detain me for anything whatsoever?” Dickerson asks.

Another officer arrives, and Price tells him why he stopped Dickerson. The second officer confirms that he saw Dickerson running and walking earlier.

Dickerson says he was once beaten bloody by police officers.

The second officer says they want his ID so they can check to see if he has any outstanding warrants.

“And then, that’s another thing, I might have warrants, though,” Dickerson tells the officers, notes Raw Story. “I’d be a fool to give you guys my name, then I go to jail and lose my job. I don’t have any bail money, no bond money.”

Dickerson is asked by the police if he has any open warrants and says, "Last time I went to court, nobody tried to arrest me."

Dickerson adds that he was in court for alleged trespassing two weeks prior.

Dickerson reportedly stopped filming and called his sister with his cellphone, but was not arrested.

Sources: Raw Story, The Free Thought / Photo credit: YouTube screenshot


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