Officer Slams Girl To Ground And Handcuffs Her Despite Seizure (Video)

Video footage out of Huntsville, Alabama shows a police officer handcuffing a high school student and then seemingly ignoring her while she is on the ground having a seizure.

The officer is a member of the Huntsville Police Department who is assigned to work at the girl’s school.

Police say the handcuffed student was apprehended because of her role in a fight. After the officer restrains the female student, identified as 15-year-old Jaquora White, she hits her head on the ground and begins having a seizure. The officer continues handcuffing White as she convulses.

“He just didn’t care, he just tackled her and they just left her there,” one witness said. “They left her there like she was nothing. I thought it looked like she was dead in the video.”

Here is the footage:

Huntsville Police Department spokesperson Dr. Harry Hobbs says the department is currently conducting an internal investigation of the incident.

“We will let the investigation continue to unfold,” said Hobbs, “but we feel our officer has done everything that he should do in a situation like that, with the circumstances that were given."

The student’s mother, Theresa White, says that regardless of the circumstances the officer reacted too aggressively.

"Actions need to be taken, because this is a school and you don't want your kids to go to a school where they are going to be possibly harmed by security guards," she said.

Sources: WAAY-TV, Free Thought Project


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