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Alabama Police Arrest Teen Suspect In Alleged Robbery, Murder Of Birmingham Pizza Deliveryman

Police have arrested a teenager they say is responsible for the brutal beating death of an Alabama pizza deliveryman. 

Birmingham police announced Tuesday they filed capital murder charges against Corey Arrington Jr., 17, for killing Najeh Masaeid, 63, at an apartment complex on December 21. They say robbery was the motive for the murder but declined to say what weapon was used to strike the fatal blow to the victim’s head. 

Masaeid worked as a deliveryman for Domino’s Pizza, according to and was delivering pizza to the complex when he was killed around 6:45 p.m. A resident of the apartments discovered the Jordanian man’s body and called the police. 

Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper said he was proud of the investigators who made the quick arrest. 

“All of our homicides are tragic and senseless but this one even more so,” Roper said. “For Mr. Masaeid to lose his life while working his pizza delivery job is especially sad for his family and the community that loved him.”

Masaeid’s daughter, Jordan Hosey, told WIAT News that the arrest of her father’s alleged murderer brought her family some peace.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Hosey said of learning the news. “I ran out to mom and said ‘Guess what? They caught him! They caught him!’”

Police said the arrest confirms a connection between Masaied’s murder and the November robbery of a Papa John’s delivery driver at the same apartment complex. That driver was also struck in the head and his money stolen. The victim of that robbery survived. 

Hosey said she can’t believe someone would kill her father for a little bit of cash. 

“My father was simply trying to earn an honorable dollar. He didn't feel entitled to it, he worked for it and it makes me sick to my core how someone felt they were entitled to his money,’" she said. “I can't bear it. I just can't believe it.”

Clara Hogan, a co-worker of Masaied’s, said the arrest was a relief to her and other Domino’s employees. 

“When we first found out, we were high-fiving. It just really glad. It makes us feel better and it makes us feel safer,” Hogan said. 

Court documents indicate Arrington does not have a criminal record. He remains in custody. He is charged with capital murder during a robbery and robbery. Bond for the robbery charge was set at $100,000; there is no bond for the murder charge. 

Sources: Al.comWIAT News / Photo Credit: courtesy of Jefferson County Jail


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