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Alabama Mother Sherri Williams Shot Dead While Holding Newborn Son

Authorities in Birmingham, Ala., are asking for help from the public in finding a gunman who fatally shot a woman while she was holding her 10-day old son.

Sherri Williams, 24, was shot dead while standing in the doorway of a Gate City neighborhood apartment, Police Sgt. Johnny Williams said. The incident took place Monday afternoon.

Authorities said Williams was struck by a stray bullet and pronounced dead at the scene. Two men allegedly got into a fight at a nearby store. As one of the men chased the other down the street, he fired his gun.

"It's even more sad because she was holding her infant in her arms, when she was shot.  Fortunately, the baby was not injured," Birmingham Police Sgt. Johnny Williams told "We need the public to step forward on this, give us all the information they have so we can get this person off the street."

No suspect has been identified.

Sources: ABC News, Fox News


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