5-Year-Old Alabama Student 'Auctioned Off' in Class as Part of Lesson About Slavery

An Alabama mother is taking a stand against the teaching of slavery at her son’s school after one lesson went a little too far.

Jamelle Young told KAIT 8 in Alabama that she was upset when her 5-year-old boy came home and said he didn’t like getting auctioned off in class.

“He said he didn’t want to get on the table at the auction block,” Young said. “And how are you supposed to feel when your 5-year-old says he didn’t want to get auctioned off?”

Young also says that her son’s teacher at MacMillan International Academy in Montgomery, Ala., used the “fair skinned” kids to act as the masters as the mock-auction. The teacher allegedly told the children to go home and have a discussion with their parents about if they’d “ever go back into slavery.”

According an email written to Young from the school principal, slavery is taught to some degree at every grade level at the school.

"Although it is an ugly part of American history that none of us care to remember, it is important for children of all races to be aware of it to gain an appreciation for the diverse community in which we live today,” the principal wrote in the email.

The slavery lesson, according to Young, was a part of a class about Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman and other slavery-era figures. Though they are a part of history, Young believes that slavery isn’t a topic that should be covered for the younger students.

"When should it be taught? Maybe not at five. How should it be taught? Definitely not standing on a table getting auctioned off,” she said.

The school district, according to the Daily News, says that the matter is under investigation to make sure that the content of what is taught and how it is taught is appropriate for each grade level. 

Source: Daily Mail


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