Alabama Man's Penis Amputation Lawsuit Dismissed

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A 59-year-old man has had his second lawsuit against doctors at Princeton Baptist Medical Center denied by a judge. The lawsuit claimed the unidentified patient suffered from a partial penis amputation. The patient reportedly went in for a circumcision.

Mike Florie, attorney for the doctors and clinics, could not say if the man still had his penis due to patient confidentiality laws. However, if the penis was missing, it was not due to the actions of any doctor at Princeton.

The first lawsuit was dismissed by Jefferson County Circuit Judge Jim Hughey because it did not meet the requirements under the Alabama Medical Liability Act. The act requires that the complaint is detailed and factual. The only major changes to this lawsuit were the addition of one new defendant and the date of the alleged circumcision was changed from June to February. 

"The allegations are still completely false. They have no basis in fact and are directly refuted by the medical records.  Reputable physicians who cared for (the patient) have again been defamed,” Florie said. “We will immediately file a renewed motion to dismiss and ask the Court for all appropriate relief."

The patient was admitted to the hospital to undergo a circumcision, but when he woke up from the procedure, his penis was allegedly partially amputated. The lawsuit alleges neither the patient nor his wife gave consent for the surgery and they were not told why it was medically necessary.

The lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice, meaning the patient can file another lawsuit in the future. 

Sources: The Huntsville Times

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