Alabama Man Robs Bank in Hopes Jail Time Will Save him From Homelessness


An Alabama man trying to avoid homelessness robbed a bank recently, hoping it would earn him time in jail and off the streets.

Police found Rickie Lawrence Gardner, 49, sitting on a bench near the bank he had just robbed, waiting to be arrested, according to the Inquisitr.

Gardner was arrested on charges of first-degree robbery and theft.

Police said Gardner lied and claimed he had a weapon to scare the bank teller into handing him more than $4,000, when he robbed the Alabama bank Monday morning.  

Gardner then put the money in the passenger seat of his car, but, instead of driving away from the crime scene, left his car and walked back to a bench to sit and await arrest.

"He was adamant his whole deal was he'd have a place to live and a place to eat," said Lyndon McWhorter, the Moulton police chief.

Gardner said he was afraid of losing his job because of a recent leg injury, and he did not want to be homeless and hungry. 

A relative of Gardner told police that Gardner’s mental state may have been altered by going off medication he had been taking for his leg injury.

Gardner was in jail Tuesday and had not yet obtained an attorney. 

Sources: The Inquisitr, CBS12 News


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